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Is a BCMAS Certification Worth It?

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    Is a BCMAS certification worth it? This article covers the benefits and cost of this prestigious credential, as well as its accreditation and appeal to younger professionals. You may want to take a look at these reasons before deciding whether or not it’s right for you. After all, a BCMAS certificate isn’t something every business owner or manager needs. But you may find it very useful. Keep reading to find out.

    Benefits of BCMAS Certification

    The Benefits of BCMAS Certification are many. Those who have earned the certification will feel valued by their employers. Certified employees understand the importance of professional standards, which will help them meet industry benchmarks and produce higher-quality work. This peace of mind alone is worth the investment in the program. Moreover, managers who promote professional development of staff members are likely to get more out of them and retain them longer. Here are a few of these benefits:

    BCMAS Certification: Achieve your certification by passing the exam. The exam is made up of 20 modules, which can be completed online. It requires a relevant bachelor’s degree and at least two years of professional experience, including clinical or research experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, the credential has a worldwide recognition. Aside from the benefits, BCMAS certification has several other advantages that make it a worthwhile investment.

    As an accredited program, the BCMAS program offers the most comprehensive training within medical affairs. To be eligible, a candidate must have a PhD, MD, or PharmD, or be enrolled in an accredited doctoral program. BCMAS certification requires passing a board examination conducted by the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA), a self-governing body that focuses on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

    The BCMAS credential is widely recognized by MSL professionals worldwide. The program has been around for a few years, and industry leaders recognize it. The exams are adapted to reflect the needs of different parts of the world. This makes it an attractive option for global MSL teams. If you’re thinking about becoming a part of a global MSL team, the BCMAS certification is an ideal choice. Achieving certification will help you build your network and improve your career prospects.

    A BCMAS certificate is an excellent way to build your resume and increase your chances of landing a job. The ACMA is a globally recognized organization with offices in the U.S., India, Europe, and South America. They offer CME/CE credits to US licensed physicians who complete modules of the BCMAS program. As an added benefit, BCMAS graduates are more likely to be promoted than other professionals without a BCMAS certification.


    BCMAS certification programs are designed to prepare healthcare professionals for positions in the medical affairs and scientific liaisons functions of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to training in traditional pharmaceuticals, BCMAS programs also cover emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. The curriculum also covers ethical and compliance issues related to drug development and pharmacovigilance. In addition to training in medical affairs, participants are required to complete coursework on topics ranging from basic scientific writing to compliant publication practices.

    The ACMA BCMAS program consists of a 20-module preparatory training course that prepares students for the BCMAS board exam. The curriculum includes case studies, knowledge checks for each module, and industry glossary. The exam is computer-based and proctored through a webcam. The exam allows you four attempts to pass. The course also includes CME/CE credits and connects you with industry leaders.

    The cost of BCMAS certification varies, depending on the specific program. Depending on the level of certification you’d like, it can range from $500 to $11,000 or more. However, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits of the certification program. For example, professionals in other countries can benefit from the certification, which is recognized internationally by top industry players. Additionally, BCMAS customises the exams to accommodate different regions of the world. This makes BCMAS certification a valuable choice for global MSL teams.

    There are two ways to pay for BCMAS certification. Full payment will include the program, examination, and credentialing fee. In addition, you can choose to pay a partial payment of $700 USD, allowing yourself to pay the remaining portion in two installments. In both cases, you’ll need to meet eligibility criteria within two weeks before the examination to avoid a late fee. You’ll also need to pay an application fee.

    You can obtain the Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS) certification by attending a BCMAS program. Accredited by the ACMA, the program will last for 40 hours and cost $1999. This program includes six months’ access to the courses for an individual or a team, as well as pre/post quiz modules that help you prepare for the BCMAS exam. The exam will be administered online, and you’ll be given a proctored exam.


    Is a BCMAS certification worth it? The short answer is yes. The program has been around since 2015 and is widely recognized. What’s not to like? Here are some of the benefits of a BCMAS certification. One major benefit is that it will give you an edge over your peers in the job market. In fact, a recent study found that BCMAS certified individuals have higher salaries and more opportunities for promotion.

    The ACMA’s four widely recognized certification programs are the industry standard for medical affairs professionals. These programs are taught by board-certified pharmaceutical professionals across 80+ countries. Among the benefits of BCMAS certification are its global recognition and its focus on medical affairs and medical science liaisons. Dr. Cook is a clinical information director at HealthTrust and Dr. Engle is an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Harvard Medical School.

    Taking the BCMAS certification exam is more affordable than the MSL Society’s equivalent. The MSL Society, however, does not provide any preparatory content for its exams. As a result, candidates risk failing the exam twice. This costs the MSL Society double and, in the case of a BCMAS, twice as much. Aside from the higher initial investment, a BCMAS credential gives the student the opportunity to retake an exam as many times as they want.

    In addition to the many benefits of a BCMAS certification, the ACMA is a globally recognized organization with offices in the United States, Europe, and South America. It is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). It also offers CME/CE to US licensed physicians who complete modules in the BCMAS program. What’s more, the ACMA program has been featured in the mainstream media.

    A BCMAS credential is highly sought-after in the industry. Aside from providing a professional credential, BCMAS also allows you to access special resources and attend webinars and live events. Board certification also increases your job opportunities. But what’s the downside? It’s not all roses. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it might not be worth it. In addition to the benefits of the certification, there are also a few scams that you need to avoid.

    Appeal to younger professionals

    The BCMAS certification program is becoming popular among younger professionals due to its numerous benefits. This certification can help you gain a leg up on the competition, both in terms of job prospects and professional development. According to studies, individuals who have the certification can command a higher salary and better job opportunities. Moreover, the certification is a good indicator of quality and consistency, which is a major plus for employers.

    The certification is offered by the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA) and is open to medical affairs professionals. It consists of 140 multiple-choice questions based on current trends in medical affairs. Candidates must hold a terminal degree in a relevant field to apply. The program focuses on enhancing the knowledge of medical affairs professionals, including rules related to interactions with health care providers (HCPs). Other topics covered in the exam are evidence-based medicine, payer landscape, and publication practices. The ACMA’s founding in 2003 represents an important milestone in the pharmaceutical industry and shows the growing importance of medical affairs.

    Moreover, the BCMAS credential is widely accepted by pharmaceutical industry professionals. Performing a LinkedIn search will show you several professionals in the pharmaceutical industry who have earned the credential. You can easily find such professionals as Chief Medical Officers, Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs, Medical Science Liaisons, and more. In addition to the BCMAS certification, this certification also comes with CME/CE credits.

    The BCMAS credential has a global scope. Professionals from various countries use the credential. This means that BCMAS has been in business for several years and has gained the trust of industry leaders. The program also customizes its examination to meet the needs of various regions of the world. For this reason, it is perfect for global MSL teams. It is also widely recognized among younger professionals. Its reputation is one of the reasons why many professionals choose the BCMAS certification over other credentials.

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