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Conquer the Exam: How Long Does It Take To Get An IT Certification?

    Taking the exams is a necessary part of preparing for an IT certification. You can use a study guide to look over the exam objectives. Highlight important points and study them. Then, when it comes time for the actual exam, you will know what to focus on. The exam objectives are the keys to passing an exam and earning an IT certification. After all, they are the only things you need to remember to do well on the exam.


    CompTIA (ISC)2 certifications require one exam

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    CompTIA (ISC)2 certification requires one exam for each level. Prerequisites may include years of experience, or another certification. Occasionally, a professional is required to take a course before they can earn the certification. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, for example, has a prerequisite of four years of paid experience, and at least a bachelor’s degree. This requirement may be a deterrent for some early career professionals.

    For security professionals, the (ISC)2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) is the most important certification. It’s designed for government contractors who must use the RMF in their work. In fact, this certification is the only one mandated by DoD8570. CAP aligns with the different steps of the RMF. This certification requires one exam, and requires three years of work experience.

    The (ISC)2 CISSP certification requires one exam, and you will need to obtain 120 CPE credits every three years to keep it active. In the United States, it costs $599 to receive a (ISC)2 certification. The cost of this certification varies by country, but it generally costs around $599 to obtain in the Americas. The annual maintenance fee for CISSP certification is $125.

    The SSCP requires one exam and one year of paid work experience in a cybersecurity field. Candidates seeking certification can also take the CASP+ exam if they’re already working in the industry. CASP+ examines enterprise security domain, risk analysis, software vulnerability, and cryptographic techniques. CompTIA recommends that cybersecurity professionals have at least 10 years of IT administration experience or five years of broad hands-on experience in IT security.


    Cisco offers a slew of certifications


    Whether you want to work as a networking technician or you’re more interested in working with collaboration tools, Cisco offers a range of IT certifications. The associate-level certification will help you develop your knowledge of core technologies, while the professional-level and expert-level certifications will test your knowledge of more advanced techniques. To qualify for each level, you’ll need to pass a single exam.

    The four main paths to a Cisco certification are design, installation, security, and service provider specialization. Many of these specialized certifications are geared toward channel partners, and require a specific level of status and support. For example, Johnson supervises contractors who perform network tasks for the school district. The latest four-year contract calls for the hiring of four network engineers, with one holding the CCIE certification. The other three must hold a CCNA or better.

    The CCNP certification tests advanced network management skills. Cisco says the certification validates a person’s ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot converged networks. Go, the CIO of construction company Barton Malow, says that Cisco certification is a good way to prove your expertise. In addition, Cisco’s CCNP certification helps you get hired quickly by demonstrating your knowledge and skills in front of a panel of current employees.

    The learning resources offered by Cisco are extensive and include IT training videos, online courses, and learning labs. For example, the Learning Network has a free basic membership and a range of IT training videos, study groups, forums, and more. For further learning, the Platinum Learning Library offers on-demand learning. It features more than 400 courses, vLabs, and a support library.


    Cisco offers a certificate program


    Cisco offers a certificate program for IT certification, known as the CCNA. This program is the most common of its kind, and offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their core IT knowledge. These courses focus on educating IT professionals in the ever-changing world of technology. In fact, Cisco just recently released a new version of its CCNA certification program to replace the previous one. The certifications will cease to be applicable in February 2020.

    There are many types of Cisco certifications. The Network Security Cisco Certification, for example, is for people who design and implement Cisco secure networks. Service Provider Operations Cisco Certification is for network professionals who administer and maintain service provider networks. Storage Networking Cisco Certification teaches network professionals how to design, implement, and support storage solutions. And finally, there are the Voice Cisco Certifications, which prepare individuals for work installing, managing, and supporting wireless networks.

    To earn the CCIE certification, students must pass two sets of exams: a qualifying written exam and a qualifying lab exam. The lab exam requires eight hours of lab time and allows candidates to practice the theoretical knowledge they learned in the written exam. The certification also demonstrates the candidate’s ability to work with the latest data center technologies and solutions. It is a relatively new certification, and is meant to keep up with the latest technological advances.

    Regardless of what industry you are in, Cisco certifications are a must for many tech employers. These certifications not only validate your networking expertise, but also give you access to a worldwide community of like-minded network professionals. In short, Cisco certifications are an investment in your future, and they will increase your chances of securing a great IT job. But don’t be fooled by the hype!


    Google offers a certificate program


    There are numerous benefits of becoming certified in IT by taking a Google certification course. For one, you’ll be eligible for a higher salary, since Google treats the certificate as equivalent to a four-year degree. For another, you can earn your certificate without attending college. Many fields within IT are both high-demand and high-paying, with an average entry-level salary of $63,600 versus $340,000 for non-traditional tech workers.

    The online program is open to anyone interested in pursuing an IT certificate. As a well-known brand, Google’s certifications have become highly respected. They also are offered in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Google has faced difficulties filling certain positions in the IT support sector, including IT support specialists, and this program targets a wide range of audiences. Approximately 59% of students enrolled in a Google IT support program are non-traditional candidates, with the average age of twenty-one. This makes Google’s certification program a viable entry-level IT training option.

    Google’s certification program teaches data analyst skills and also advanced Python topics. It’s ideal for beginners alike. You’ll learn how to analyze data, create visualizations, and work with processes and HTTP connections. You’ll complete a UX portfolio as well as three projects: a website, mobile application, and cross-platform experience. Additionally, the program teaches you about Agile project management and the fundamentals of Python.

    For people looking for entry-level jobs in IT support, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is perfect for them. With no prior experience required, you’ll gain the skills necessary for entry-level IT support jobs. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about computer networking, systems administration, and help desk support. The curriculum is available in multiple languages, including Spanish. Additionally, graduates can access the Google Coursera job site to apply for open roles in IT support.


    Cisco offers a certificate program in cyber security

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    Whether you’re working on a corporate network or just looking to expand your skill set, Cisco offers a cyber security certificate program. Whether you’re looking for a new career path or just want to upgrade your skills, the Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification will prepare you to handle the changing landscape of cybercrime. The Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional certification validates your skills as an Information Security analyst or active defense security specialist. The program includes two exams – one for core knowledge, and another for specialization. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, host based analysis, digital forensics, and network security.

    Graduates of this certificate program will be prepared for careers in IP Communications and network engineering technology. They’ll be qualified for technical roles in network design, infrastructure, installation, and monitoring. Several courses prepare you for various certification exams, including the Cisco Networking Academy’s CCNA and CCNP. The program prepares students for entry-level employment in IT and networking fields. Upon completion of the program, students can continue their education and earn an associate’s degree in IT.

    Among the benefits of this program is the increased employability that comes from Cisco’s brand name. It also demonstrates that you’re an industry expert in cybersecurity. Moreover, it shows employers that you’re committed to professional development. Cisco is a trusted name in the IT field and has a wide range of certifications to choose from. Choose one that matches your skill level and specialization. The Cisco Cyber Security Certificate is a great way to prove that you know what you’re doing in the field.

    This certificate program is also a great way to advance your career. You’ll have a higher visibility in your job profile and will receive increased responsibility. You’ll also be well-positioned to move up the corporate ladder in your organization. Whether you’re a software developer or a web designer, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and skills of Cisco’s Cyber Security Certificate. The program includes two exams.

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